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My 100 favourite people in no particular order40/100: Fabio Borini 


My 100 favourite people in no particular order
40/100: Fabio Borini 

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il nostro capitan futuro <3

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Francesco Totti - Milan 2 vs 1 Roma


Francesco Totti - Milan 2 vs 1 Roma

just a football post, y’all.

Who do I support?

The one and only team I have been cheering on since I was young has been AS Roma. But I also have been starting to follow Liverpool FC, got into it thanks to my boyfriend :)

Since when?

I’ve become a supporter of LFC just a few months ago I’d say, I have never really watched and followed the Premier League, only Serie A, but recently I have been learning more and more about british teams and their players.  
As for Roma, I don’t even remember when I first cheered on this amazing team. My whole 100% italian family is interested in the sport. My mum’s side of the family supports FC Inter, which I don’t quite understand because they are from Sicily, and Inter’s from Milan. My mum watches football quite often but not as much as my dad. My father’s side of the family is craaazy for AS Roma. Being roman, they got to go to the Stadio Olimpico, actually grow up in the city of their favourite team. My dad would never miss ONE single game of Roma, he’s the most crazed football fan I know. He, along with my grandfather, raised me taking me to the stadium, teaching me more about the team and its players, and buying me the official merchandise so I wouldn’t become an Inter fan, like the other side of my family. Roma supporters like them wouldn’t want that. 
Unfortunately, in the past few years, I have been less involved with the sport, living in the Philippines, it was quite hard for me to keep up with the games and just football in general. Now that I’ve moved back to Italy, I have decided to learn, once again, all about the sport that I love to watch. I love my Roma so much, I feel like I personally know all of the players. I’ve grown up loving Francesco Totti, he is an amazing man and I respect him and I will truly miss him when he unfortunately, stops playing permanently. Whenever I see my team, the peeerfect red and orange kit, the badge, I automatically smile and I feel so proud to have been supporting that big, happy, talented, devoted, wonderful family that is AS Roma.

Non siamo stati inferiori alla Juve


Levateje er vino